We’ve updated the Monolith app.

It includes a few key changes. The main one is the addition of a second address to the app’s home screen. As there are two addresses, the experience is a little different, but you’ll still be able to access the magic of DeFi, explore our supported tokens, and spend your crypto anywhere using your Monolith Card. This guide explains each of the updates. Read on to learn more.

Main Account

We’re recruiting for someone to fill a brand new role as our Head of Tokens.

We’re looking for a passionate crypto native to own and drive the creation, launch and growth of tokens at Monolith. This includes evolving our core token, TKN, and designing new tokens that enhance our product offering, such as NFTs.

As Head of Tokens, you will develop a clear strategy for TKN and any other new tokens. This includes integrating tokens into our product offerings, evolution of our token model and growing TKN’s liquidity. You will embed community and internal engagement with development and growth of…

DeFi has been a flawed success. At the time of writing, the Total Value Locked in DeFi protocols is almost $89 billion, up from roughly $600 million at the start of 2020. The lightning speed of development in the space has been inspiring to be part of, but DeFi in its current iteration isn’t without problems. While huge amounts of capital has flooded into the ecosystem, hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost through hacks, bugs and exploits. Ethereum’s gas fees can also be prohibitively expensive when the network is congested. DeFi is still in its infancy, and it…

One of the biggest advantages of decentralised finance on Ethereum is the ability to capture yield on your crypto assets. While interest rates in traditional financial services such as banks have slowly degraded to almost 0% over the last few decades, innovative new protocols in the Ethereum ecosystem offer a way for DeFi users to earn on their holdings.

This breakthrough was brought into sharper focus in the summer of 2020, when DeFi experienced a boom thanks to a craze known as “yield farming”. …

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space has come a long way over the last few years. Where crypto was once a Cypherpunk-led fringe movement centered on Bitcoin, today crypto has found its way to the front pages of major news outlets worldwide. While some have focussed on Bitcoin’s recent price rally throughout this year, others have taken more interest in the growth of NFTs in the digital art and music worlds. Although these talking points occupy different subsects of the digital assets space, they point to the same conclusion: crypto has hit the mainstream, and a lot of people are taking…

We just hit $10 million in card top-ups.

Reaching such a noteworthy milestone feels like as good a time as any to reflect on our journey so far. Back in July 2020, we crossed $1 million in cumulative top-ups. Four months later, we hit $2 million, and top-ups have continued to climb month-on-month. In January, we hit $1 million in monthly top-ups for the first time, and card usage has increased throughout the year.

We’re hiring.

We have three new vacancies in our backend engineering team, as well as one product role.

Joining Monolith is an opportunity to shape the future of finance. Our mission is to make it easy, safe and fun to grow money through the power of decentralised technology, and we believe that blockchains will profoundly change our society for the better over the coming decades. Every member of our team shares this belief, and each of us is proud to hold a place at the forefront of the crypto movement.

Monolith is expanding, which means that we’re recruiting for new…

When Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, they referred to their revolutionary creation as “a peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. Nakamoto envisioned a world where value could be exchanged free from intermediaries, and cryptography would be used to verify every transaction. Unlike traditional currencies, it would run entirely on the Internet.

Bitcoin quickly caught on in the Cypherpunk community, an Internet-native group best known for its privacy-focussed ideals. In their online communications, Nakamoto also referred to the Libertarian movement; they hinted that Bitcoin was created in the pursuit of freedom. The first cryptocurrency also appeared to be a stand…

Starting out in decentralised finance can feel daunting. The journey to monetary freedom is an exciting one filled with endless possibilities, but there’s a lot to learn when you first enter this new world. Here at Monolith we believe that DeFi on Ethereum will have a profound impact on all of our lives over the years to come, so getting a head start early on will probably be a huge benefit in the future. By taking the first steps to join us now, you’re already halfway there.

This beginner’s guide is designed to help you master the basics of crypto…

When you sign up to Monolith, one of the first steps of the on-boarding process involves safe storing your Seed. The Seed, or “seed phrase”, is a series of words associated with your Monolith wallet. Looking after the Seed is a crucial part of securing your wallet because it can be used to access your funds. In this guide, we’ll explain how the Seed works, and why it’s so important.

The Seed explained

Seed phrases are used to access cryptocurrency wallets.

The words in the Seed represent a series of numbers that can be used to unlock the wallet’s public key and private…


Monolith is the world’s first DeFi wallet and accompanying Visa debit card made for spending crypto assets anywhere.

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