Hello everybody! It’s me, Dan! I am the Community and Video supervisor at Token.
I hope you are having a good April so far. We’ve been really busy in the office this past month so I hope you enjoy this newsletter.


We made a splash on the /r/Ethereum subreddit yesterday. The video received a lot of attention, check it out below and make sure to subscribe!

This month we have been working with The Corner on building and developing our brand and discussing it’s evolution. You will notice some changes to our branding over the next few months and hopefully, you love them as much as we do. They are good changes!

Here are some photos of us at their office in Soho, you will see Mel, David, Mischa, Will and John deep in thought.

A new team member joins the fight!

We are continuing to grow a strong, diverse and brilliant team, making sure we hire the best and most determined professionals.
Our latest permanent hire is no exception!

Anthony Smee has joined the TokenCard team as a Senior Product Manager. Anthony has worked a number of years in Product Management, working with excellent engineering teams to deliver technical products. Anthony also holds an MSc in Computer Science.
He is also a keen cyclist, who builds his own bikes!

We have also been hiring lots of freelance engineers, so the team is growing, fast!

A quick note on GDPR

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month you will have seen Mark Zuckerberg sit in front of US Congress. The issue he was asked to discuss focused on Facebook’s user privacy and the use of users’ data without their consent. The TokenCard product will be Global in its ambition, this means we are aiming for the highest bars in every field.

Currently, in data protection and user privacy, the EU’s GDPR is the highest bar. We are building our policies and procedures on user privacy to the highest level, decentralised wallets mean you control your tokens, we want to make sure you can control your data too. If you are an EU citizen GDPR gives you the rights to your personal data.
We’re aiming high and using the principles of Privacy by design. With a focus on fair and lawful processing, purpose limitation, data minimisation and data retention.

Finally, learn about the self-sovereign identity projects on the Ethereum ecosystem such as uport.me and support them, we will be and hope to have news on that in the future.

- Ben Whitby, Risk and Compliance Director.

New trusted Banking Partner

Token has opened a banking arrangement with a prestigious European bank. The bank in question also provides banking services to some of the most notable companies in the crypto space. This is a large commercial win for Token and we mean to keep this success discreet.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support, we are happy to be back on track with posting and we hope you’re looking forward to the next couple of months as much as we are!

Don’t forget we will be attending Money 20/20 in Amsterdam this June, make sure you drop by our stand if you are around. Money 20/20 is one of the largest FinTech events in the world where every major industry player comes to network, present their latest products and make the future of money happen!

Prepare your rockets as we get ready for launch!

The Token Team

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